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Advisory Services


The work of turning around distressed communities or stimulating new economic activity is daunting. Finding a path to success would be easy if the road didn’t have pot holes and obstructions in the way. When challenges and distractions present themselves, it is often cumbersome to determine the best strategy for addressing a community’s unique issues, and connecting the dots between existing resources in order to reach your end goal.  The APDS team understands these challenges, and is experienced in providing the solutions you need despite the complexity of your problems.  Our advisory services will help you go from concept to completion. We provide evaluation, advice, planning, training, information, support, and resources that help our clients achieve the outcomes they desire. Our team develops tailored approaches for each client based upon market realities and best practices not textbook hypothesis.  Advisory Services Components are:


Economic Development Strategies

APDS is a national leader in developing strategies to stimulate growth and economic vitality. We have worked in cities and counties nationwide to implement approaches that accentuate inherent advantages and assets in order to create new economic strength. The core of all economic development is investment. When the private market is not functioning as desired, an environment designed to stimulate new investment must be created. APDS advises our clients through the process of increasing job growth, improving quality of life, and addressing economic problems as identified by our proprietary assessment.


Studies and Market Assessment

Information and insight gained from APDS studies and market assessment services are critical to identifying opportunities for investment, business and housing. We believe our analysis helps our clients gain a real-time assessment of the economic conditions, infrastructure, workforce, and other key attributes that serve as the benchmark against other communities.   Our research techniques are designed to cultivate a keen awareness of the marketplace and local and regional factors that are impacting opportunities for a community’s future. APDS takes a customized approach to performing research and analysis by developing and performing in partnership with each client while focusing on areas most relevant to the client or community.


Technical Assistance and Training

APDS provides onsite technical assistance and training on various housing industry programs and economic strategies. By sharing expertise and tools, we address the needs and build the capabilities of our clients.  Our goal is to strengthen the places we work in by building the knowledge and improving the capacity of local organizations to deliver sustainable results to their constituencies or respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances.  


Project and Initiative Design

The expertise of APDS staff can simplify the complexities associated with project design, enhance readiness for subsequent management, and improve our clients’ ability to measure program performance. Guiding the process from startup to completion, we work with our clients to ascertain the vision, purpose, and desired outcome then design a comprehensive and manageable linear process. We continuously use best practices and quality control measures resulting in initiatives that are not only successful, but exceed our client’s expectations.

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