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A Message from APDS Founder & CEO Vaughn D. Irons

Growing a community is a complex undertaking.  APDS knows that being successful is a blend of understanding the critical dynamics of community and economic development and the ability to apply that understanding to unique local situations. We have extensive experience with programs and projects of every type and size. The APDS team consists of individuals in multiple community and economic development industry disciplines including Investment Banking, Housing Finance, Business Recruitment & Expansion, Industry Clustering, Real Estate Development, Construction, Marketing, Asset Management, Urban Planning, Nonprofit Management, Structuring Incentive Programs, Training, Disaster Response, Project Feasibility, Underwriting, and Mapping/GIS Technology. We have built strong relationships across the nation that allow us to be nimble and bring our capabilities anywhere in the United States. The APDS team is committed to helping resilient and prosperous communities wherever we are engaged. 


APD Solutions (APDS) is an award winning community & economic development firm providing services and strategies that impact distressed and underserved areas across the United States. Our clients are public and private sector organizations who are seeking ways to revitalize neighborhoods or grow local industry that result in sustainable, vibrant and competitive places.

We meet our clients expectations through services sourced from best practices and innovative strategies grounded in market-based realities and not untested theory. Our perspective is that every community is unique and has positives that can be leveraged. APDS consists of highly trained individuals, with nearly 300 years of combined industry experience to aid both public and private sector organizations in responding to current market conditions.  We can effectively stem the decline of communities and establish a framework that makes a locality desirable.


Our Mission

Our mission is to design strategies and assemble partners that will create socially responsible development, new investment, growth, sustainability and quality of life in the communities we serve.


Core Objectives

Our core values are the driving force behind what we do and present a clear vision of the goals that we work to achieve every day.


  • Restore

To restore an environment where public-private collaboration is the catalyst for better physical community development and socio-economic outcomes.



  • Rebuild

To rebuild the housing stock and economic infrastructure of communities regardless if they are historically challenged, undiscovered, or facing an emerging crisis.



  • Renew

To renew the lives of families and individuals by instilling hope and providing a safe path to responsible housing options and economic choices.

Tel: 678.961.4273


271 17th Street, Suite 2250, Atlanta, GA 30363

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