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Program Management

The world is full of ideas, but very few have the ability to make them actionable without help. We understand how to manage the implementation of complex programs and projects which allows our clients to focus on the day-to-day aspects of their operation. Our team has implemented projects that operate in multiple locations, including multiple entities that exist over multiple years. Our program management services increase access to the help that is needed through excellence in tested methods, proprietary tools, and experienced execution.  Traditional program management focuses on oversight, compliance and operational support. While APDS offers those capabilities, we add additional value because we are particularly adept at birthing new approaches and creating a road map for future implementation.


Showing a Room

Asset & Property Management

 Our clients receive Asset Management (AM) and Property Management (PM) oversight that combines centralized processes with on-ground service support. We provide our clients with dedicated oversight and control of their day-to-day decisions related to their assets.

Professional Chefs

Workforce Programs

 Stimulating job creation is a direct link to economic growth.  APDS provides a broad spectrum of services that identify, attract and shape targeted industries and the local workforce for municipalities and economic development organizations.

Construction Site

Disaster Response & Rebuilding

Our experience in providing disaster response and rebuilding solutions has made a positive difference for thousands of struggling families as well as the municipalities with whom we do business in designing their post-disaster rebuilding programs.


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