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In Political Distress: Why the head of hedge-fund operator Solus is focusing on bankruptcy claims and stocks, rather than junk bonds

Christopher Pucillo doesn't like it when politics get in the way of distressed investing, but he's adapting. The founder and chief investment officer of Solus Alternative Asset Management, Pucillo believes the uncertainty created by world...
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Urban development gets creative touch

Back when Ta-coumba Aiken moved to downtown St. Paul's Lowertown neighborhood in the mid-1980s, he said with a laugh, artists were often seen as a mysterious and crazy bunch... 
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Sarasota Real Estate Bidding Wars Loom as Big Players Enter the Home Buying 
The mantra that “cash is king” appears to be one ruling dictum that will steer the Sarasota real estate market as it heads into 2013, Sarasota Bay Real Estate reports. The full service realty firm noted that in recent months, it isn’t uncommon for highly desirable sales-listed properties to receive multiple offers. In such a situation, the all-cash investors will definitely have the edge even against higher offers that are backed by some bank financing...
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Investors are rushing in to rent out foreclosures

The foreclosed home in Aurora, Ill., was an outdated, unkempt eyesore until crews arrived this fall, performing thousands of dollars of work to make it attractive and modern, inside and out...
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Nevada scenic-rivers link raises flag in audit of city housing program
Some $6 billion in grants have been allocated throughout the Neighborhood Stabilization Program by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development since 2008, with most of that money aimed at helping local governments purchase and renovate homes for resale to those hard hit by the recession ...
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Main Street Lofts Redevelopment Spurs $1.5 Million Sale (Real Deals)
Redevelopment of four neighboring buildings in downtown Little Rock is in motion after a $1.5 million transaction ....
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Hurricane Sandy aftermath to delay some foreclosures in Md. 
Some homeowners in 18 Maryland counties affected by Hurricane Sandy will get a 90-day reprieve on foreclosures, under new rules announced Monday by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development ....
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Fix or flatten continues in Quincy 

Many older river towns here in the Midwest have issues with older built homes falling into disrepair. Some communities are active in trying to rid their communities of the blight while others just turn a blind eye to the issue ...
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APDS is designing and implementing innovative housing initiatives, providing technical assistance and oversight for federal state or local housing programs. Our cutting edge solutions and experience is making the difference for our clients in nearly 20 states.

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