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Program Management Services


The world is full of ideas, but very few have the ability to make them actionable without help. We understand how to manage the implementation of complex programs and projects which allows our clients to focus on the day-to-day aspects of their operation. Our team has implemented projects that operate in multiple locations, including multiple entities that exist over multiple years. Our program management services increase access to the help that is needed through excellence in tested methods, proprietary tools, and experienced execution.  Traditional program management focuses on oversight, compliance and operational support. While APDS offers those capabilities, we add additional value because we are particularly adept at birthing new approaches and creating a road map for future implementation.


The components of our Program Management Services are:

Federal, State and Local Housing Program APDS offers program management and grant administration services that reflect our exposure to the laws and regulations that govern Federal, State, and Local housing programs. Our team has extensive experience with programs such as HOME, CDBG, NSP, SHIP, and Hardest Hit to name a few.  APDS services consistently comply with financial and reporting requirements, maintain timeliness of draw-downs, and meet closeout deadlines. Our approaches are consistent with national best practices and have created processes that have passed the scrutiny of Inspector General Reviews.


Asset and Property Management

Managing distressed residential or multi-family properties can be a formidable and challenging task. The demand is magnified when you need consistent service and accountability over multiple locations. Our clients receive Asset Management (AM) and Property Management (PM) oversight that combines centralized processes with on-ground service support. We provide our clients with dedicated oversight and control of their day-to-day decisions related to their assets.


Targeted Industry and Workforce Programs

Any effective economic development effort equally aligns with providing workforce programs that will benefit employers, the workforce, and the community as a whole. Helping communities better understand the nuances of its inherent workforce and the clusters that can be developed will lead to wealth and new investment. Stimulating job creation is a direct link to economic growth.  APDS provides a broad spectrum of services that identify, attract and shape targeted industries and the local workforce for municipalities and economic development organizations.


Disaster Response and Rebuilding

When natural disasters hit communities there are many competing demands. Our experience in providing disaster response and rebuilding solutions has made a positive difference for thousands of struggling families as well as the municipalities with whom we do business. We have been active with solutions for Hurricanes Floyd, Katrina, Rita, Sandy, Tropical Storm Alberto, and the floods that impacted the Midwest. The APD team has assisted several communities in designing their post-disaster rebuilding programs for various State and Federal agencies. In addition, we have been hired to write the sub-recipient applications on behalf of our clients. This underscores our capacity and commitment to help protect families, the real estate sector and the economy from the shock of unexpected events.

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