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Repairs By Request


APD Solutions “Remodel By Request” and “Repairs By Request” are home improvement programs that offer a wide variety of home repair and remodeling services. Our Home Remodeling and Repair professionals plan renovations, prepare estimates, and choose the right materials for the job to ensure that your renovation or repair project is completed timely and within budget. In addition to these services, we offer in-home initial consultations for new home buyers that need expert advice and plenty of options.

Repairs by Request can replace a window, install crown molding, change out your sink, replace your kitchen outlets to GFCIs, or put in a new ceiling fan. The hidden details are often the most important ones. Combining the function of space with lighting, ventilation, and fixtures can often be challenging. Repairs by Request staff are here to help you tackle these challenges. We’re experienced in every home improvement discipline, and we’d like to help you with all of your home repairs.


A few of our Repair services are:


  • Ceiling repairs

  • Drywall repairs

  • Garage cleanup

  • Light bulb replacement

  • Gutters cleaning

  • Lockset installation

  • Gutter and downspout inspection

  • Window and Screen Cleaning

  • Fireplace cleaning and chimney sweep

  • Wallpaper removal


To learn more about Remodel by Request, a comprehensive service ranging from large projects such as full kitchen, bath, or basement remodeling to medium-sized projects such as partial bath and kitchen renovations, roofs and decks, flooring, and exterior house painting Click Here.

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