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Remodel By Request


APD Solutions “Remodel by Request” and “Repairs by Request” are home improvement programs that offer a wide variety of home repair and remodeling services. Our Home Remodeling and Repair professionals plan renovations, prepare estimates, and choose the right materials for the job to ensure that your renovation or repair project is completed timely and within budget. In addition to these services, we offer in-home initial consultations for new home buyers that need expert advice and plenty of options.

Remodel by Request offers a comprehensive service capability, from large projects such as full kitchen, bath, or basement remodeling to medium-sized projects such as partial bath and kitchen renovations, roofs and decks, flooring, and exterior house painting.  We also have experience in offering specialized services like disaster restoration and seasonal maintenance.


  • Big Projects:

Kitchens, baths, and basement remodeling: most of our big projects involve remaking a whole room! We can help you map out and budget a new room and then provide all the work that goes along with it, like flooring, cabinetry, painting, plumbing, and electrical work. Any remodeling project completed by Remodel by Request is completed in compliance with state and local codes. However, your home deserves more than meeting the minimum requirements.


  • Medium Size Projects:

Remodel by Request also helps homeowners with projects that are not a whole room… but not a small job, either. We can do partial kitchen and bath renovations, build (or rebuild) decks and roofs, and paint home exteriors. Whether you want your kitchen to be a show stopper or are looking to upgrade to more accessible features in your bathroom Remodel by Request can assist you in making the heart of your home special.


To learn more about Repairs by Request, your resource for those smaller jobs that you have been planning to do Click Here.

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