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Development Services


Delivering effective development consulting in an emerging economy is dependent on a wealth of experience in designing and implementing meaningful projects.  APD Solutions development services are designed to provide a turn-key or modular solution to assist those in need through the development or construction process. Our team is equipped in seamlessly taking a project from concept, planning, and funding, through implementation in order to develop customized solutions that meet our customers’ needs. We also develop and construct projects for our own portfolio, which allows us to fully understand and mitigate risk.  We have the capacity to provide services to completion on a range of scales; from one house, one development, one neighborhood, to region wide.  Through our full range of services, we provide our clients the support and coordination that is necessary to create economically sustainable communities.


Construction and Rehabilitation

APDS understands that every great project is the result of a comprehensive planning process in the beginning stages and attention to details every step of the way.  We have tackled construction projects ranging from preparation of scope of work and bid documents, and construction management, to quality control, and construction administration.  We are a licensed residential and light construction general contractor and our consultative rehabilitation services are exacted with both detail and precision, reflecting our commitment to delivering the highest level of quality, design, and execution.  Our team provides the experience and skills necessary to bring your project from plan to completion.


Real Estate Acquisition, Marketing and Sales Services

Our core competency is centered on minimizing the negative impact created by various market conditions and stabilizing the neighborhoods that have been most affected.  In order to accomplish this, APD Solutions utilizes cutting edge, up-to-date market data performance and analysis which enable our clients to make the most suitable decisions. We are a licensed real estate brokerage in Georgia, Alabama and Florida. The professionals in our Real Estate Group (REG) have years of experience with investment real estate, REO properties, community development, and first time homebuyer programs.  We use a combination of traditional and distinctive marketing tactics to produce stellar results for our clients.


Planning, Feasibility and Implementation

Development projects contain individually unique aspects, but each must adhere to financial underwriting criteria and meet public approval in practical markets.  Our planning and implementation process ensures that we have evaluated and resolved the distinct conditions of each project. The APDS team recognizes the complexities of project feasibility and is able to assist our clients in designing programs that meet the overall objective, and address the concerns of the stakeholders and communities in order to achieve project success.


Residential and Commercial Developer

Communities are often defined by the quality of where people live and the amenities available to them. APDS has been creating residential, mixed-use and commercial projects. APDS is opportunistic and we primarily focus development efforts in areas that are distressed, underserved, or yet-to-be discovered. We have vast experience with infill projects that help reshape or repurpose the built environment. Our team has a long history of creating a vision and completing the necessary work that can bring that vision to fruition.

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