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Property Disposition Services: The Bay Area Neighborhood SHOcase, Oakland, California


As a high cost market the Bay Area is affected differently by the impact of foreclosures, the ability to dispose of real estate to working families at an affordable price is more challenging. In an effort to stimulate the housing market, the City of Oakland and a Bay Area Coalition worked with APD Solutions (APDS) to implement a Neighborhood SHOcase strategy.  The SHOcase offers a buyer-friendly environment for any family regardless of their credit challenges or where they are on their path to homeownership. Participants are able to speak with lenders, real estate professionals, and housing counseling agencies to ensure they're ready to become homeowners and actually purchase a select group of affordable homes made available at a discount for one day only. The SHOcase was organized by a public-private coalition consisting of 13 local and national organizations with properties assembled for sale at special discounts from various sellers. The unique ingredient of the APDS SHOcase is the assembling of all stakeholders who influence the targeted community’s foreclosure and development needs. This has producedproven success because it is mutually beneficial, trusted, and sustainable.




APDS serves as event organizer and sponsor. We coordinate all event participants and necessary resources that make the project possible. We design the marketing and outreach strategies in collaboration with the Bay Area coalition. The SHOcase is a successful disposition approach that employs 3 basic concepts:Pre-Marketing Efforts - Concentrated grassroots and high level marketing approaches to reach people in multiple languagesBuyer Preparation Assistance - Starting 4-6 weeks before the event APDS and its partners provide homebuyer preparation seminarsOwner-Occupant Focused vs. Investor Centered - These events are available to working families.



  • Design all project management templates & marketing material

  • Development of advanced multi-lingual marketing strategies and sale of initiative assets

  • Management of project time-lines and anticipated completion dates

  • Solicitation of home show vendors providing complementary services (flooring, landscape, etc.)

  • Management of real estate professionals & asset managers

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